Brand building capabilities

If you are a start-up in early stages of brand generation or an established, multi-national brand we have direction to give. No matter your budget, we will help. Our experience means that we deliver results:

• in-depth knowledge of retailers large and small
• insight into regional markets
• personal relationships

Most importantly, we have been involved first-hand with the growth of some heavy hitting brands as brand strategists, brand ambassadors and sales agents.

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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Building a brand, introducing a brand, re-launching a brand: all daunting efforts in a complex, competitive landscape. Moraine has experience and success with all of these efforts and understands what it takes. We will show you how your brand fits in and how it can differentiate from the competition.

Product Development

Our capabilities include deep knowledge and experience of design, development, manufacturing, sourcing and production in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. We will manage the project or connect you with the right people, depending on your needs.

Sales strategy

You have a fantastic product and wonderful brand (image, essence, values and positioning). All of that means nothing without sales. We can create a sales strategy that addresses issues related to your success such as:

• Where do you want to sell ? Who do you want to sell?
• When do you start selling to department stores?
• Do you get promotional? What margins do you offer
• Do you open your own retail distribution? Do you sell direct on a website? How does that affect your business with existing customers?

We can guide you on a sales strategy specific to your product and brand.


Decades of 24×7 road trips, sales calls, trade shows, annual meetings, showings, appointments + a team that loves people and has a lot of integrity. And that means relationships. Tons of them. This means partnerships, collaborations, new ideas.


Our showroom is in West Soho/ Hudson Square, close to everything. Our door is always open.

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Our breadth of knowledge in the fashion, outdoor and tactical industries provides invaluable information and insight that you won’t get from a company’s prospectus, website or executives.


Every athlete has a coach to help guide them. Sometimes brands need a coach too, a sounding board for discussing new ideas, a person to help challenge and inspire. Coaching is a way for you to test the waters and find direction.

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